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Employee Spotlight

Name: Ellen Tiemeyer Title:  Account Coordinator Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska How you got into advertising: I got into advertising by accident. I have always been quick and witty,  and I liked content creation. I frequently would come up with photo captions or similar content for my friends but wasn’t sure how to apply that to a

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Scott Durrie

Keeping Your Personal Data Safe and Secure

With data leaks happening more frequently – resulting in millions of people’s information being shared – you might be wondering how you can stay safe online. I’ve worked in website development for many years and, while I’m no IT expert, I can offer a few simple tips to help keep your accounts secure. You should

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Bridget Bear

Celebrating the Past While Looking Toward the Future

Congratulations to our client, Lindsay Corporation– celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Zimmatic® center pivot. Now a global leader in agricultural irrigation, Lindsay remains strongly rooted in the Nebraska with a history as rich as the farmland its center pivots irrigate. The company’s founder, Paul Zimmerer, opened his operation in 1948 – a fuel station

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Debbie Hilt

Social Media Adds to Snow Day Drama

Remember the days when you woke up early, turned on the television and waited patiently for the name of your school to show up in the list of school closings scrolling across the bottom of the screen? Those days are long gone. Instead of turning on the TV, today’s students, parents and teachers turn to

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Debbie Hilt

Combatting the Senior Care Labor Crunch

“It takes forever for them to finish serving lunch, because there aren’t enough servers.” “The management team is pitching in to clean our apartments until they get a new housekeeper on board.”  “They just can’t seem to find or keep enough good help here.” That’s my 90-year-old mom talking. She and my dad live in

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Ellen Tiemeyer

Winning the Super Bowl Ad Game

An estimated 100 million people tune into Super Bowl Sunday every year – and some even watch the game. For the rest of us, it is all about the halftime show and the commercials. This year, some of the ads tugged at our heartstrings… others tickled our funny bones – but these were our favorites.

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Leslie Stubbendieck

A Brand New Focus

In January, our team accepted the Paper Anvil Award from the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) Nebraska Chapter for a branding campaign we developed to assist Omaha’s Gross Catholic High School, in advance of its 50th Anniversary. School officials challenged us to create a brand that was authentically reflective of the school’s mission, vision and

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