Gross Catholic High School

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Gross Catholic High School

Branding Campaign

On the brink of their 50th Anniversary, Gross Catholic High School administrators approached EG Integrated because they were concerned that their current brand wasn’t authentically reflective of their mission, vision and values, and felt it was adversely affecting enrollment.

EG Integrated conducted extensive market research to help inform and capture the true essence of the Gross Catholic brand. Common themes emerged from the research, allowing the team to arrive at the three core values: Authentically Faithful, Purposefully Compassionate and Academically Driven.

A defined brand platform was developed that Gross Catholic will use to guide all communications. A dynamic visual brand system was also developed, including a new official school logo, a new athletic logo, a comprehensive brand guide and a new recruiting brochure. With the launch of the brand, the team at EG built a comprehensive, tactical marketing plan to create brand awareness and drive enrollment – maximizing the school’s limited budget and showcasing the new brand to prospective families.

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Brand Guide
Brand Guidelines 1


Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines 2


Brand Guide Brand Guidelines 3


Brand Launch Video Brand Launch Video


Wayfinding Wayfinding


Boulevard Banners Boulevard Banners


Recruiting Brochure Recruiting Brochure Front


Recruiting Brochure Recruiting Brochure 2


Recruiting Brochure Recruiting Brochure 3


Recruiting Brochure Recruiting Brochure Back


Recruiting Postcard Front Recruiting Postcard Front


Recruiting Postcard Back Recruiting Postcard Back


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