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Marian High School

Brand Development


Marian High School had a strong history of creating interesting and compelling marketing and recruiting campaigns, but they were inconsistent in brand messaging and design throughout the organization. There were many good things to be said about Marian, but they needed messages that were clear and truly distinguished the school, created increased awareness, and provided the emotional pull to attract and retain students.


Marian embarked on a brand development process in 2010. At the end of the messaging phase, they were able to clearly define a brand vision and what it meant to their students, parents, alumnae and prospects. EG worked with the school’s brand team to create ways to make their new messaging come to life through a consistent visual branding system that included everything from their recruiting campaign, to wayfinding signage, to sports team branding to website design.

EG built a recruiting campaign that introduced the new positioning based on its main points and established a consistent message, and then executed through a refined logo, brand guide, printed materials, recruitment kit, boulevard banners, billboards, postcard series, and email blasts.


Enrollment jumped dramatically the year after the branding and the ads were launched. Marian’s marketing staff attributed the enrollment increase to the overall rebranding, consistency of messaging across all media, and the fact that that same message was used internally to define their mission and guide them in developing programs and other internal efforts that reinforced the position.

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