Creating a Link with Your Target Audience

Are you one of the 630 million active users on LinkedIn?

If so, you probably know it’s a great way to build your professional network. You may not know, however, that it’s also powerful marketing tool that can help you reach highly targeted audiences.

We recently used LinkedIn to introduce one of our clients, Fluid Quip Technologies, to a new group of potential customers while promoting a webinar the company hosted with Ethanol Producer magazine.

With LinkedIn’s ad manager, you can target by job title, function, industry and more. After creating the ad, our team used it to hyper-target U.S. and Canadian professionals from specific industries and trade groups related to livestock and pet food production.

With a budget of $65 per day, we deployed the ad on October 21st– three days before the webinar. The results were impressive:

  • Total spend – $194
  • Impressions – 7,421
  • Total click-throughs – 29 paid and 8 organic
  • Average click-through rate – .39% (most advertisers aim for .30%)
  • Engagement rate – .42%
  • Average cost per click – $6.70 (average is $3 – $7 for a campaign of this length)
  • New webinar registrations – 140

Whether the goal is leads, brand awareness or event registration, LinkedIn can help businesses of any size cost-effectively target the right people with the right message.