Five Reasons Your Team Needs to be Media trained

Congratulations! Your investment in public relations has paid off, and you finally landed an interview with one of your target media outlets.

The story that’s developed could have a big impact on your business – increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, generating interest in products or services, etc.

So, are you ready for the interview that could change the course of your organization?

Professional media training can help you and your team develop the skills needed to comfortably interact with the media and deliver your messages with confidence.

With the help of a PR professional you can:

  • Learn how to use words, tone and body language to deliver your message in a powerful way.
  • Clearly and concisely define your key messages. Long, rambling answers to interview questions will likely be edited – and that could mean the “best part” of your answer isn’t used.
  • Prepare for the unexpected and develop responses to potentially challenging questions.
  • Take control of the interview – remember it’s your job to deliver message points, not just answer the reporter’s questions. When you’re confident in your ability to communicate, you can often steer the interview in the direction you want.
  • Avoid being misquoted. If you lack confidence going into the interview, or if you’re not adequately prepared, you’re more likely to make mistakes.

Bottom line… a successful interview often requires more than industry knowledge or product expertise. It’s a skill and, like anything else you want to perfect, training is key.