Worth 1,000 Words

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We all know that video is a heavily consumed media online. And it’s firmly established in the annals of history that people will never get enough cat pictures. One study shows that a video tied to a press release can attract nearly 55% more views. And according to Hubspot, photos on Facebook posts generate 53% more likes. That’s pretty compelling.

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I’m a pretty big believer in producing high quality video content for brands. Spending the extra time and dough to help tell a brand story can really go far. However, for most of your daily posts, you can do just fine with a good camera or iPhone. Sometimes it’s more about capturing the moment and getting it posted than sharing a high quality experience. In fact, if you have such high expectations for quality all of the time, you will probably rarely post.
I think it’s good to balance the really killer professional work that can make your brand shine with the gritty DIY point-and-shoot stuff that can help tell your brand story in a genuine way – and can be shared on-the-fly.

High cost. High brand impact.
Low cost. High share-ability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnydFmqHuVo