Twelve Years and Counting

Bill and Tom Ervin always knew there was a better way.

Both had worked at global, large and regional agencies where they repeatedly saw important client work passed off to inexperienced staff – and that didn’t sit well with them. So, twelve years ago, they opened the doors to EG Integrated with the promise that when you meet with a team from EG, you’re meeting with the people who actually do the work – nothing will get lost in translation.

As we celebrate our agency anniversary, we asked Bill and Tom to reflect on the past and look toward the future.

What are the keys to your success?

Bill:  It may sound trite, but our keys to success are our people. We have always looked to bring on people with great talent, a strong work ethic and a collaborative approach. It’s very rewarding to see how our team pulls together to solve some pretty crazy problems for our clients.

Tom: I agree with Bill – our people truly make the difference. Because we have a great team, we are able to consistently deliver quality solutions with effective messaging and top-notch design.

What are some of the most rewarding projects you’ve worked on?

Bill: A recent example would be the Gross High School re-branding project – it definitely falls into the “rewarding” category. We worked with school officials to develop a new brand positioning and messaging platform, as well as a new logo and graphic identity. When we unveiled the new look during a school assembly, an auditorium full of students, faculty and staff erupted in cheers and applause. You certainly don’t get to experience that every day.

Another example would be the showcase videos that we produced for Lindsay Corporation. We produced one for the irrigation division and another about its Road Zipper highway safety product. We worked with Great Plains and filmed across the country – in farm fields in Lubbock, Texas, and Pasco, Washington, to highways and bridges in Dallas and Philadelphia. We met so many great people and shot beautiful footage (including pre-drone helicopter shots). The final videos have been playing in the lobby of Lindsay’s corporate headquarters, at trade shows and at other locations for more than seven years.

Tom: While there are many projects that were rewarding, including recently developing new branding for two of our clients, the Lindsay irrigation and transportation videos also stand out for me. We were responsible for coordinating all of the details in order to deliver two powerful presentations that went beyond product promotion. Our creative team was tasked with effectively communicating the positive impact the Lindsay solutions would have on the global population. We powered through long days in 100+ temperatures, stayed on schedule and managed budgets to meet the client’s objectives and expectations. In addition to the successful execution, it was rewarding to meet people at each location. They offered their time and resources to ensure we captured that ultimate shot. It was a great experience!

How has the industry changed in 12 years?

Bill: The digital transformation of the industry has forced us to change the way we work – and that’s been a continual transformation. Data integration (AI and voice) have all agencies, ours included, re-thinking the future of how business will/should market.

Tom: From day one, we knew we would have to adapt with the trends, and we’ve done that. Blending print with video and digital executions has changed the landscape of marketing. Traditional marketing in alignment with digital, inbound and influence marketing has put a priority on strategic solutions.

What’s the outlook for the future?

Bill:  The agency of the past is no more. We need to keep on top of the trends and embrace them in order to stay relevant. I think that’s a positive for all agencies. We have the tools to measure results better than ever before, which gives agencies and clients the insight they need to prove and improve marketing effectiveness. I do worry about slippage in the creative process. The trend to covet data over creativity will lead to a lot of mediocrity in the market. The one thing that shouldn’t change is the fact that agencies must keep pushing for ideas that break out from the noise – and there is A LOT of noise.

Tom:  The future will be exciting as we continue harness the power of information and take creativity to a whole new level. We can be innovators, but we also need to be respectful and responsible so that we don’t exploit and lose the trust of those we’re communicating with.