The Power to Influence With Just One Post

Whether it’s the result of a coordinated marketing campaign or it just happens by chance, a social post that goes viral can spread your message and expose your brand to thousands – if not millions – of people without busting your budget.

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Take, for example, a recent post by Katie Staton (@midwestKTcorn) – a team member with one of our clients, B & A Genetics. She recently posted two “then and now” photos on her personal Facebook page. One image shows a man standing shoulder-deep in corn on June 17, 2018. The other image, which was taken exactly a year later, shows the same man, in the same spot with barely any growth around him. Staton wrote – “These two pictures speak volumes to the crisis American farmers are facing this spring.”

So far, Staton’s post has been shared more than 78,000 times on Facebook and other social platforms – and it’s still spreading. The post also caught the attention of media outlets across the country that amplified her message by developing news stories about the challenges that farmers, particularly in the Midwest, are facing this year.

Staton’s experience clearly shows that it’s never been faster or easier to share your message with the world. While it’s nearly impossible to predict whether or not a post will go viral, there are a few things you do to maximize exposure, including:

  • Know your target audience – viral content is only effective if it speaks to people who are likely to share it.
  • Think visual – video, images and GIFs are always good attention-getters.
  • Keep it short – people often scroll quickly through social sites, so your content needs to be “scannable” – if the post or video is too long, you’ll you’re your followers’ attention.
  • Select the appropriate social platform – what works on Instagram probably won’t be effective on LinkedIn – so determine your audience and then choose the platform that will give you the best opportunity for success.
  • Time your posts for maximum visibility – ideal timing will depend on your target audience and the platform you’re using.
  • Partner with an influencer – social media influencers can help extend the reach of your campaign.