Designing the Kelly Klosure pocket notebook


Our client Kelly Klosure came to us with a request for a notepad, an item they give to their clients each year. It is legal size with a grid pattern and basic location and contact information for Kelly Klosure. We’ve created it before, and this year they needed an update.

Bill recently received a 3-pack of pocket notebooks and suggested we take a shot at creating something similar for Kelly Klosure. I’ve had a notebook in my pocket since college, so this felt like a project I could really enjoy. The audience makes great sense, too, because the pocket notebook has long been a companion for farmers, builders and a multitude of other industries.

To gain client approval, we would need an example. So we moved forward on a mockup of what it could look like. We based its look on the notebooks that seed and machine companies used to give away to customers. These old notebooks were created cheaply, so no dazzling 4-color covers here. We aimed to keep it simple and without gimmicks. The cover would be single-color Kelly Klosure blue. Everything we wanted to do with graphics on the cover had to be accomplished with the white that the paper stock would give us.

After a few rounds of sketching, we settled on big, bold type and a nod to a then-developing graphical signature for Kelly Klosure, the blueprint.

This gave us a real concept as well as a new function for the book itself. This wouldn’t be just for notes, because it also could be used to plan out your next Kelly-built structure. We borrowed the grid pattern from Kelly’s notepad and scaled it to feel right for the new size. The back of the cover became a 3 step graphic for sketching your structure and sending it to Kelly Klosure. This would act as the starting point to the customer’s collaboration with Kelly.

KKnotebookCover  KKnotebookBack

We unveiled the notebook to the Kelly team after reviewing options for the legal notepad, and they were blown away. Production would begin on both the notepad and the new notebook. We suggested they give the notebook to their customers using their yearly mailing for their best relationships. The books went over big, and Kelly ordered a larger print run, so the books could be given out face-to-face as well.

Moments like these are the best. You not only answer the client’s immediate need, but throw in an alternate idea that surprises them and gives them a new way to interact with their customer base. One of my all-time favorite projects with EG Integrated.