Employee Spotlight

Name: Scott Durrie

Title: Art Director

Hometown: Omaha, NE

How you got into advertising:

Growing up watching tv with my dad, who was in advertising, we’d pick apart the commercials together. We would float ideas of what’s good and how to make it better for fun. I also grew up when xanga and myspace were popular. I’d edit the pages and custom make a lot of stuff with my friends. This later turned into creating fan sites for shows I loved. There was an ah-ha moment when I was about 13 and put ads on my Dragonball Z website. About 3 months later I received a check for $30 and realized I could turn this into a profession.

Favorite/toughest part of your job:

My favorite part of this job is every day is a puzzle. It’s challenging at times figuring out client needs and various roadblocks that pop up, but when it all comes together it’s worth it.

First Job:

My first job was for a company that’s no longer around called Havers Mar-H. It was a plant nursery and I took care of their garden. I also had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get there.

The best advice you’ve received:

I got this bit of advice when I was younger from my dad, “You can make up any excuse as a crutch to keep you from having to do anything difficult, but it also means you’ll never run.”

About your family:

My mom is a nurse and my dad used to work in securities. I have 3 older brothers all over the country. The oldest, Jason, is an aeronautical and space engineer in Colorado. Ryan is a lawyer in Washington. Sean an actor and magician in California.

Something you’d like to accomplish:

I want to travel to every continent at least once.

Something about you not everyone knows:

I have matching scars on my eyebrows. Since they match they just look weird. One is from when I was 3 and fell off the porch. The second is from a frisbee getting thrown directly in my face from two feet away.

Outside interests:

Beer brewing, reading, video games, traveling and my animals

Pet peeves:

Someone telling a story and trailing off mid-sentence while looking at their phone

Favorite vacation spot:

If I had to choose it would be anywhere my whole family is able to be at the same time, which is rare with people so spread out.

Favorite movie/book/tv show:
Book: In the name of the wind
Movie(s): Reservoir Dogs, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Tv show(s): Brooklyn 99, Chuck, Rome, Medici, Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, the list goes on forever