Employee Spotlight

Name: Ellen Tiemeyer

Title:  Account Coordinator

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

How you got into advertising:

I got into advertising by accident. I have always been quick and witty,  and I liked content creation. I frequently would come up with photo captions or similar content for my friends but wasn’t sure how to apply that to a career. I ended up taking a general education course in college, introduction to advertising or something similar, and I was hooked!

Favorite/toughest part of your job:

My favorite part of my job is the fast pace and the variety. No one-day is the same in the advertising world, and I am able to work with different clients in different industries, which keeps things interesting! Most projects move very quickly, so there are a lot of moving pieces, which is a welcome challenge.

The toughest part is the fast pace and the variety. Because no one-day is the same in the advertising world, sometimes its tough to plan ahead, and you have to be prepared for anything and everything! The fast pace keeps you on your toes and forces you to be very organized in order to keep all the balls in the air.

First Job:

My first job was at a gym in Omaha, where I was a lifeguard and swim instructor. The pool was pretty shallow and most of the kids who came to the pool took swim lessons, so I never had to rescue anyone while I worked there. My swim classes were primarily younger kids, so I was basically paid to get tan in the summer and teach kids the basics.

The best advice you’ve received:

“A good cook is messy.” – My Grandma

About your family:

My mom is a nurse and my dad is a retired plumber, together they can fix/do anything not limited to changing your oil, nursing you back to health, wood working, saving lives… You get the idea. I am the youngest, and only girl, in my family with two older brothers. My brothers both followed in my dad’s footsteps and work with in the service industry creating things with their hands.

I am a dog parent to a 10 and half-year-old corgi named Kiari. I rescued her from the humane society this year and have loved every minute of being a dog mom!

Something you’d like to accomplish:

I’d like to publish a cookbook, learn a new language and travel to all the places on my wish list.

Something about you not everyone knows:

I collect mugs! I like the ones that have state names on them from places I’ve traveled.

Outside interests:

Cooking, traveling, reading, Netflix binging, writing, exploring restaurants and bars

Pet peeves:

Poor grammar.

Favorite vacation spot:

I would rather visit new places each time – but anywhere tropical and warm!

Favorite movie/book/tv show:

Favorite movie – The Sandlot. I watched the movie everyday for over a year when I was younger, it’s still my favorite.