Our Top 5 2018 Super Bowl Ads:

Football Player

Did you watch the Super Bowl as a football fan or as an ad critic? We here at EG tend to fall into the latter category, and these are our top picks.

Bill & Kathy’s Pick: Tide

There’s no question that Tide stole the show this year with their playful and clever “It’s a Tide Ad” campaign. These hilarious spots mimicked other common advertisements while leaving viewers wondering if every commercial during the Super Bowl was a Tide ad. This campaign earned bonus points among our staff for sneaking in advertisements for other P&G brands such as Old Spice and Mr. Clean without actually naming any of the products.


Tom’s Choice: Doritos and Mountain Dew

Doritos and Mountain Dew utilized their 2018 Super Bowl spot to release two new products. The ads eclectic mix of celebrities included Peter Dinklage, Morgan Freeman, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott engaging in a rap battle. The actors and music choice captivated a wide range of viewers and earned it a spot among our favorites.


Debbie & Ellen’s Favorite: Amazon Alexa

Amazon brought in countless celebrities to create the “Alexa Lost Her Voice” spot. Coming in at 90 seconds long, this ad was one of the lengthier ones but definitely worth the watch. It was full of comedy sure to keep the audience laughing, with one over arching message: there is only one Alexa. Our team couldn’t help but notice the messaging of Amazon’s campaign and the looming release of Apple’s new HomePod – well done Amazon.


Bridget’s Top Ad: NFL Odell Beckham Jr. Eli Manning

NFL’s spot staring Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning followed the players practicing their touch down celebration dance. In the ad, the players execute a perfectly choreograph routine inspired by Dirty Dancing finishing with the message “To All the Touchdowns to Come.” This optimistic message and the football players dancing earned NFL a spot among our top 5.


Mason’s Number 1: Jeep

Jeep’s ran quite a few spots during the 2018 Super Bowl. Their Anti-Manifesto offered a simple look at the benefits of the vehicle. Stripped down with no music, and just a simple voice over, the ad shows the Jeep driving through a lake and up a waterfall. The simplicity and straightforwardness of the ad secured its place in our favorite ads of the Super Bowl.