New Way of Doing School

We are excited to head to Louisville this week for the Independent Schools Association of the Central States, annual conference. As first-time silver sponsors, we are looking forward to connecting with school leaders from across the Midwest to discuss the unique marketing challenges their schools face.

Change is never an easy word, but independent schools must evolve to remain relevant. The future workforce needs to be equipped with a very different set of skills than many schools are used to delivering. The theme of ISACS, New Ways of Doing School, aims to help educators from independent schools learn from experts and each other about ways to innovate their curriculum and programming offered.

Also, in need of innovation are the marketing strategies of many schools. Institutions who are using the same marketing tactics they did three, five or ten years ago are missing out.

Traditional outbound marketing tactics are no longer enough. Parents obtain and consume information very differently. Schools with lower schools are marketing to millennial parents. Schools with middle and high schools will soon. A strong online presence, digital advertising and other inbound marketing isn’t a nicety, it’s a necessity.

Stop by our booth at the ISACS conference and let us know your biggest marketing challenges, and let’s start a conversation about how a customized, innovative approach to developing a marketing plan can help your school to rise above and engage families on a higher level.

See you in Louisville!