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Five Reasons Your Team Needs to be Media trained

Congratulations! Your investment in public relations has paid off, and you finally landed an interview with one of your target media outlets. The story that’s developed could have a big impact on your business – increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, generating interest in products or services, etc. So, are you ready for

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Plan for the Worst – Hope for the Best

Imagine this: One of your first grade teachers is accused of child abuse. A senior patient with dementia wanders away from your care facility. A trusted employee is arrested – charged with embezzling thousands from your family business. Now imagine that a local television news reporter shows up at your door, with microphone in hand,

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Worth 1,000 Words

We all know that video is a heavily consumed media online. And it’s firmly established in the annals of history that people will never get enough cat pictures. One study shows that a video tied to a press release can attract nearly 55% more views. And according to Hubspot, photos on Facebook posts generate 53% more likes. That’s

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Define Public Relations

Ask someone to define public relations and you’ll get a million different answers, even among PR pros. When I taught graduate-level courses in PR, I would always provide the textbook definition from Fraser P. Seitel (The Practice of Public Relations), which was rather long and convoluted and something about managing relations across various organizational platforms.

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