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Meet Our New Account Executive – Laura Lea

Name: Laura Lea Fossenbarger Title: Account Executive Hometown: Johnson, Nebraska     How did you get into the marketing business? I’ve always had a competitive drive and when I experienced the art of (and had tremendous success with) relationship building, persuasion and presentation, marketing seemed to be the perfect career for me.     What’s

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Pantone Colors Through the Decade

Pantone has been setting the standard for color consistency for as long as most designers and advertisers can remember. In 1963, officials released the company’s first intricate color matching system, consisting of 500 colors. It was designed to create consistency across industries; textiles, apparel, beauty, interiors, architectural and industrial design as well as in all

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The Power to Influence With Just One Post

Whether it’s the result of a coordinated marketing campaign or it just happens by chance, a social post that goes viral can spread your message and expose your brand to thousands – if not millions – of people without busting your budget. Take, for example, a recent post by Katie Staton (@midwestKTcorn) – a team

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Twelve Years and Counting

Bill and Tom Ervin always knew there was a better way. Both had worked at global, large and regional agencies where they repeatedly saw important client work passed off to inexperienced staff – and that didn’t sit well with them. So, twelve years ago, they opened the doors to EG Integrated with the promise that

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Employee Spotlight

Name: Scott Durrie Title: Art Director Hometown: Omaha, NE How you got into advertising: Growing up watching tv with my dad, who was in advertising, we’d pick apart the commercials together. We would float ideas of what’s good and how to make it better for fun. I also grew up when xanga and myspace were

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Brand Consistency In An Inconsistent World

In today’s digital marketing environment, we have more options and more power at our fingertips to deliver our brand messages. But, as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility – especially when it comes to branding. It can be a challenge, but maintaining consistent messaging and visuals across all platforms – traditional and

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