Ten Tips for Trade Show Success

From visibility to credibility, trade shows have long been a popular way to market products, services and businesses.

Whether large or small, companies that exhibit at trade shows have a powerful platform for reinforcing relationships with current customers, engaging new prospects and building brand awareness.

Our team has decades of experience helping clients make the most of trade show opportunities. From simple, pre-fab backdrop designs to multi-faceted island truss systems to interactive features, we’ve done it all – and we’ve done it with budgets of every size. Below are a few tips to ensure your trade show is a success.

  • Identify and prioritize the top three reasons you’re exhibiting and make your strategic and spending decisions accordingly. Your priorities may include:
    • Gather sales leads
    • Promote new products
    • Educate your audience
    • Reinforce client relationships
    • Generate media coverage
    • Recruit dealers/employees
  • Set measurable goals based on your target market, anticipated attendance, exhibit size, staffing, budget, etc. Pre-established goals will help you evaluate post-show success.
  • Be proactive before the show – reach out to potential attendees (on social, email and/or direct mail) and invite them to stop by your booth.
  • Make your booth stand out from the crowd. Use simple yet powerful images and messages – too much information can be overwhelming. Make sure your booth space fully integrates the established brand messaging in a manner that’s consistent with other communications, such as trade ads, literature, website, videos, etc.
  • Create buzz with really good promotional items, because, let’s face it – giving a pen to everyone who walks by just doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • Host interactive contests, games or quizzes – just make sure they are fun and generate positive attention around your booth.
  • Offer hands-on product demonstrations – it’s the best way to demonstrate your product’s value. If you actively engage people, they are more likely to remember your booth, your product and your organization.
  • Bring in your best clients who might be able to persuade returning customers to buy again and new customers to buy for the first time.
  • Use Twitter and Facebook during the show to connect with current customers and drive potential prospects to your booth.
  • Collect contact information (names and email addresses) from booth visitors and follow up with them no later than a week after the show closes.