Marketing to a “Growing” Demographic

The total number of U.S. farmers grew to 3.4 million.

The average age of the U.S. farmer increased to 57.5 years – but the upward trend is slowing.

For the first time, the number of U.S. women who call themselves principle producers topped the one million mark.

Those are just a few of the key trends that we gleaned from the recently released U. S. Department of Agriculture’s 2012 – 2017 Census of Agriculture. The census (conducted from 2012 – 2017) is released every five years and provides a snapshot of America’s producers and farming operations.

For us, and other agencies that work with ag clients, the data included in the census can help guide the development of effective strategies to reach the evolving target demographic.

We know, for example, that today’s farmer surfs the web, checks email, posts on Facebook and engages on Twitter. So, while traditional, print advertising isn’t dead, it makes sense to include digital marketing in your overall plan.

The many advantages of digital marketing include:

  • With reduced or tight marketing budgets, it’s an affordable alternative to traditional print and broadcast advertising.
  • You can make a big impact with a small investment – reaching them via multiple platforms.
  • Results are easy to measure and evaluate.
  • If your digital campaign isn’t performing as expected, you can quickly and easily change course.
  • Digital platforms let you target and engage with specific groups of people.

Investing in a digital strategy can also yield real time customer data, which will help you understand your target audience better than ever before – allowing you to drive more effective conversations with them.