Innovating for the Future of Farming

July is Smart Irrigation Month – time set aside by the Irrigation Association to raise awareness about the need for water conservation – especially during the summer months.

Why do we care?

First of all, because we all bear responsibility for keeping the water supply pure, safe and plentiful for generations to come.

We also care, because we work closely with our client, Lindsay Corporation, a company that’s leading the way in developing innovative agricultural irrigation solutions to help growers conserve water and maximize yields.

In fact, earlier this month Irrigation Association announced that it’s honoring Lindsay with it’s 2019 Vanguard Award for its work on an innovative irrigation project in Arizona.

This award-winning project was completed for Riverview LLP – a beef, dairy and crop production partnership that includes Coronado Farms, an operation near Wilcox, Arizona that runs 196 center pivot irrigation systems over more than 24,000-acres of irrigated farmland.

The primary challenge at Coronado is water conservation, which is the key to the operation’s long-term growth and sustainability. The experts at Lindsay (along with the team from the local Zimmatic dealer Whitewater Irrigation) customized a complete solution for the operation that helps save time, money, water and other natural resources.

While it’s the latest example, it’s just one of many projects that show Lindsay’s commitment to innovating solutions that will help growers make the most of every drop of water.

To the team at Lindsay – congrats on this great recognition! We’re very proud to support your work and commitment to innovating cutting-edge solutions for the farms of today and tomorrow.

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