Celebrating the Past While Looking Toward the Future

Congratulations to our client, Lindsay Corporation– celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Zimmatic® center pivot. Now a global leader in agricultural irrigation, Lindsay remains strongly rooted in the Nebraska with a history as rich as the farmland its center pivots irrigate.

The company’s founder, Paul Zimmerer, opened his operation in 1948 – a fuel station in Lindsay, Nebraska, that also offered everything from auto body work to television repairs. With his sons, Arthur and Bernard, they designed the first Zimmatic center pivot – aptly named Pivot Number One. It was installed on a farm near Newman Grove, Nebraska, and went to work in 1969. Unlike other pivots at the time, it was an electric drive system that was specifically designed to negotiate hilly terrain – earning it the nickname “hill climber.” In 2011, retired Lindsay engineer Charlie Meis acquired and refurbished Pivot Number One – which still works over 120 acres on his farm south of Tilden, Nebraska.

To date, more than 140,000 Zimmatic pivots have been shipped to agricultural operations in more than 90 countries – most manufactured at the company’s production facility that’s still operates in Lindsay, Nebraska.

While they are celebrating its past, Lindsay employees are also looking toward the future and the critical global food challenges that lie ahead. They recently moved into a new corporate headquarters – one to accommodate anticipated growth as they continue to innovate the tools and solutions to help meet those challenges and continue to be good stewards of the environment. In fact, they are working toward a goal of helping growers save more than 700 billion gallons of water and more than one billion kilowatt hours of energy by the year 2022.

We’re proud to be part of Lindsay’s history and we look forward to continuing to help raise awareness about the importance of precision irrigation and innovations that help growers make the most of every drop of water.