A Salute to America’s Growers

It’s National Ag Day – time to tip our hats to the hard-working men and women who provide us with the food, fuel and fiber that we too often take for granted.

Through our partnership with Lindsay Corporation, we have had the privilege of working with growers from every part of the country who embody the future of farming – growers like Nebraska’s Jeff McBride and Idaho’s Blake Olberding who are embracing new technology to make the most of every crop while being good stewards of the land.

As we celebrate America’s growers, we think it’s worth re-visiting the late Paul Harvey’s, So God Made a Farmer, an address he delivered to the Future Farmers of America in 1978 and that years was later was brought to life in a Super Bowl ad.

To potato growers in the northwest… cattle ranchers on the Great Plains… cotton growers in the deep south… and every grower in between – THANK YOU!


Ag Day God Made Farmers