One Beef-O-Graphic!

beef industry infographic

Working in the Ag-vertising industry, a corn infographic was a no-brainer. But what about the livestock side of the industry? Our next infographic was destined for beef. Now we’ve certainly got no beef with the beef industry, quite the opposite! We wanted to use our talents to create an attractive rundown of what the beef industry is all about.

We began by gathering a bunch of facts. With an infographic you want to gravitate towards information that is more general, and that someone would actually be interested in knowing.

Unsure if a fact is fit for your infographic? Read it like a question, and leave out the most important part. Would you audience want to hear the answer? If yes, add that one in there!

At least in my experience, the challenge of infographic creation is choosing the style. This will make or break your infographic long before anyone reads a single statistic. In this case, we went for a butcher shop chalkboard look. Plenty of handwriting that forms to fit the cow cross-section line art. It really has the feeling of a sign you would see outside of a small local shop or restaurant. The handwriting has a genuinely human quality to it that a font just couldn’t match.